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Short Term Health Insurance ( STM ) was introduced to the market for who needed help covering gaps in coverage. Though this plans offer a range of deductibles, co-pay, and max out of pocket options to create more comprehensive or more affordable options for the insured. The duration of a STM plan is determined by the carrier and the state laws, ranging from 3 months to 12. STM is not a plan under the Affordable Care Act.


These plans havea different financial structure that traditional major medical health insurance plans and they are not major medical. instead of co-pays and deductibles, indemnity plans offer you "first dollar" coverage which is a cash benefit policy holders will recieve if they have a doctors office or hospital visit. The coverage and benifit levels will vary for indemnity plans and those differences will be soon in the premiums paid for the coverage.


Most commonly these are dental, vision, critical illness, emergency medical, and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance plans. They can also be products like telemedicine for 24/7 access to medical provider , insurance advocacy services to help you take advantage of your plans, pharmacy benefit for discounted prescriptions, and other group association discounts.

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